Monday, 24 January 2011

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Bubba Fett strikes again !

To say Jonny 'Bubba' Smyth has been enjoying a purple patch is something of an understatement !

'Makin' Contact' is the perfect marriage of wide grinned Coma Cat style riffing with the ever present menace of some mid-nineties Reese bassline manoeuvres - in short, it's a triple-decker club sandwich with all the fixings - just like we like 'em

Label affiliates Jet Project and The Popular People's Front (Gay, black alter ego of the heterosexual Duckbeats project) step up to take on the behemoth head on

JP wade straight in with another percussion heavy rub, transporting the original parts alongside some nifty spoken word samples into a late night, in-the-thick-of-it moment of prime-time peakery

The PPF buckle up and take us on a psychedeilc stagger through a strobelit basement, like some shamanistic healing ceremony, creating a swirl and fully immersed eyes-closed moment, that's all at once liquid & louche

Another EP Sureshot!

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